Project Management


Who are you?

You are government and private sector organizations, international lending and aid agencies, consultants and contractors, developers and commercial/industrial companies.


Are you going to Vietnam


to do feasibility study for a project?

to prepare for bidding?

to look for a partner for a project?

to setup a company/project office?

to implement a project?

Are you concerning about 


new business environment that you are not familiar with?

local accommodation / logistics / transportation arrangement?

your local experienced staff mobilization?

Are you looking for


experienced local project managers?

business connections?


What can we do for you?

Our powerful combination of technical and social expertise, valued connections and experience gained over the last years on many projects of various sizes and types means OriDAT can offer clients the diversity and flexibility they need for their local projects.

We offer high quality services in implementation process. We are one of strongest Vietnamese Project Management Consultants. We offer Project Management Services from early stage of preliminary design process to construction stage and delivery.


 Our Capabilities

OriDAT has demonstrated experience in providing special complete services required for the starting implementation of a project. Our capabilities encompass all aspects from the earliest stage of your project to implementation. These capabilities have been developed through extensive practical experience over many years on large and small scale projects, for many government and private sector organizations and international lending and aid agencies, consultants, contractors etc. This cover:


Project implementation preparation

Projects / companies establishment including 

Project Feasibility preparation

Preliminary Design 

Full Design

Tendering Preparation, Evaluation and Recommendation

Construction Management

Project Management

Our staff are highly skilled professionals who are experienced to establish management and reporting system in compliance with your requirements adjusted to local conditions. You are updated and reported regularly on progress of our assignments utilizing latest communicating systems. 



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