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Who are you?

You are 

engineering consultants, engineering companies, architectural studio/firms, contractors, governmental agencies 

small companies / governmental organizations 

big and prestigious companies / governmental organizations. 

Whatever you do, our services will create equal opportunities for all of you in terms of economic benefits and human capacity.

What can we do for you?

OriDAT offers internet based global cooperation by outsourcing CAD work. This smoothes peak loads in the CAD workload of professional technical practices in developed countries. Significant cost advantages are evident by outsourcing labour intensive and repetitive CAD work for detailing and client presentation. 


OriDAT is a specialist provider of Computer-Aided Drafting services for architectural, civil and structural projects.


We have particular experience in AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, 3D Studio Viz, Photoshop…and other specific softwares that support the Outsourcing Process. It can include:


Digitizing architectonic drawings including 2D, 3D, illustration and animations.
Digitizing all kinds of structural drawings including electrical/mechanical and other utilities drawings.
Digitizing survey/GIS drawings
Editing images

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