Consulting Engineers


 Town Planning and Architecture

OriDAT has expert staff members specializing in architecture and town planning that allow us to carry out broad interdisciplinary projects. Our architects and planners have demonstrated expertise in the following areas:

Area development and infrastructure planning

Regional master planning

Architectural Design in 


Resident, office and utility buildings

Hotels, tourist facilities, sport centers, etc.

Universities, schools, hospitals

Theaters, concert halls, etc.

Religious buildings: pagoda, churches.


Structural Engineering

OriDAT practices in a full range of structural engineering disciplines. The services are offered locally or online. We work as prime consultants or as sub consultants specializing in most of components of Structural Engineering. Those can be summarized as follows: 

Engineering design of all forms of construction such as concrete, steel and timber; bridges; hydraulic structures and port infrastructures such as: quays, terminals, impact structures, sheds, etc

Foundation design for both structures and road embankment

Industrial development such as infrastructure, utility buildings and administration.

Static and dynamic analysis are performed on all types of concrete, steel and timber structures using the worldwide recognized two and three dimensional frame analysis or finite element programs such as STAAD Pro, SAP2000 etc.

In addition to its in-house expertise, OriDAT has from time to time utilized association with other local and international organizations /consultants for specialist services. 

We are committed to delivering quality products in compliance with international recognized standards such as: Australian, NEN, Euro Code, BS, AASHTO etc. This is our advantages over other consultants here in Vietnam that bring us and our partners from abroad together in a partnership for specific projects. Client-driven and cost effective consulting services also increase our competitiveness in the global engineering market.


Hydraulic Engineering

OriDAT capacity and capability covers the whole spectrum of disciplines in hydraulic structures as follows:

       Hydraulic design of sluices, dams etc,

Slope protection,

Interpretation of ground investigation data,

Analysis and design of excavations, foundations and embankments.

We are dedicated to employ latest achievements in Hydraulics to address our client's needs .


Special services:

We are flexible and private consultants. We are readily available to commit our expertise to perform specific assignments for our clients

Acting as online consultants we can offers you special services as follow:

       Detailed 2D, 3D architectural drawings from preliminary designs

       Design drawings from conceptual design

       Execution drawings from design drawings including bending schedule and detailed layout. 

       Bill of Quantity 

What would you get from this?


By utilizing our latest IT facilities by our local motivated, experienced engineers that are always ready to commit their knowledge to high quality services. You will have opportunities to exploit benefit in terms of economic and resources to concentrate on your core business.


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