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OriDAT is equipped with latest, state of the art IT facilities. We use the latest versions of all drafting and engineering design software. Recently AutoDesk has released software to support tele-project that offer endless possibilities to improve the outsourcing process.

Basic Tools 

We communicate with the clients basically by email. Chatting is another tool that we can use and consult with the client on the status of the project during implementation. Negotiation can be done by that way too. 

For transferring data we would use normal email. FTP is an excellent mean of delivery drawings up to 10 MB or more at one time. For larger transfers, OriDAT can provide couriered CD's to our Clients worldwide.

To manage big project we can utilizing the facilities offered by the application service providers (ASPs) hosting Internet virtual offices for collaborative work teams. Autodesk’s Buzzsaw.com, a spin-off serving the building design and construction industry, leads a list of construction-related ASPs that also includes Bidcom and Cephren after the master builder of the Pyramids. They provide services for project management in the way of sharing data; viewing and redline drawings and net meeting.


OriDAT 's advanced web features and tools

This section refers to the web tools associated with a web-based wide area network (WAN). OriDAT has utilized these tools for international Clients and this process is proving to be increasingly useful for the Client to achieve hands-on and up to date information through the WAN.

The WAN functions simply. The Client information is received by OriDAT and drafting work undertaken. The drawings are posted on the web-based WAN and the Client can inspect the drawings at any time, make corrections and comments using viewing and annotation programme. OriDAT can then correct and update the drawings to the Client's satisfaction.

Each network will be customized to the Client's needs. Fortunately with advancements in this technology, there are numerous software available.


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